Poem Entry #45

Poem Entry #45

For Every Single Thing

For every single sun rise,

For every single sun set,

For every single sky that cries,

For every single friend you’ve met.

For every mistake you make,

For everything you get wrong,

For every sleepless night awake,

Remember you will grow strong.

For every single hurting human,

There is a ray of light,

For every single flower bloomin’

Waits for the sun to find the night.

Don’t give up your precious life,

Remember the things you have yet to see,

Like the beauty of the wildlife,

Or even a simple sun set at sea.

Poem Entry #44

Poem Entry #44


To Believe in oneself 

Is a gift.

To have confidence is 

A puzzle piece,

It’s hard to find its place

Then you shift,

You find you like yourself,

You make peace,

Don’t show fear of people

You are strong,

You are worth more than words,

Sing your song.



(Listen to this to really be submerged into the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLDIQ-oNtUk )

I see an old man. He is walking into a cemetery. He is carrying an umbrella as a shield to the cold rain falling. He stops in front of a gravestone. The stone reads “Beloved mother and wife”. He stands still as memories flood his mind. He sees the day they first met. He remembers how beautiful and graceful she looked. The day of their wedding comes to mind, and as he looks down the aisle, he sees her. She is walking close, clothed in her white lace dress. He will never forget the vows they made that day. The vows they cherished throughout their life together. They vows they remembered when they danced, when they cried, when they laughed. The vows they remembered when their child was born, and as he grew up. The old man sets his umbrella on the ground and lets the rain fall on him as he remembers that day they danced in the rain together. He recalls how it felt to hold her in his arms and sway. The memory of how her hair curled as it soaked up the raindrops makes him smile. There was no music. They only danced to the sound of the water cascading down and hitting the world around them. As the old man places a single flower on her grave he makes another vow. He promises to never forget the beautiful moments they shared, like that time they danced in the Rain.