W.Y.R. Wednesday

W.Y.R. Wednesday

Welcome to Would You Rather Wednesday, episode one, everybody. Hopefully more episode will follow this. So, every Wednesday I will post an interesting, but hard, Would You Rather question, consisting of two or more answers. I will ask the W.Y.R. question and explain the question further so everybody understands. Please place your answer in the comments.

Tonight on Would You Rather Wednesday the question is:

  • Would you rather be surround by your loved ones and never lose them but you could feel no emotions; so you be with people who love and are sad and are happy with you, but you could never love or be sad or be happy with them.
  • Or would you rather have every thing you could every want but you’d be the last human on earth; you could have any device, art supply, animal, food, anything you want but you’d be alone?

Which would you choose? Please answer in comments. And that is todays Would You Rather Wednesday! Thanks everybody!

The Fiction Records

The Fiction Records

Tape A log two: 12:03 p.m

Liberty- This is our second log in tape A. Okay, let’s pick up where we left off. I told me and Blake’s story, so Layla you can go-
Julian- I don’t think she should get to go next. She was the one that got us found out!

Tyler- He’s not wrong.

Layla- Fine, fine, fine. Then can Tyler go first?

*Chip munching*

Liberty- Sure, go ahead Tyler.

Tyler- Okay. You guys ready?


Tyler- I saw a dead…stone….giant.


Liberty- That’s it!? That’s the whole story?

Blake- You’re not going to talk about when or where?

Tyler- Nope.

Julian- What kind of story was that!

Tyler- Mine.


Liberty- Okay, good joke. But you are going to have to talk about more if we are gonna put this in the records. We could just scrap this and start over.


Liberty- Alright then. Tyler, please finish your story.

Tyler- Okay. Well I was out in Logan’s Woods, you cannot tell my parents I was there, okay? So, I was walking along, and decided to pick a way I hadn’t been. And I did, and found a dead stone giant.

*Slurping and chip munching*

Liberty- That was better, but when we go looking for giants you will have to really lead and talk more about it.

Tyler- I’m good with that.

Liberty- Okay, Layla now you can-

Julian- Why do I always have to go last?

Blake- Cause you’re the Aggravator.

Julian- Me? Aggravate? Never!

Liberty- Layla, just tell your story.

Layla- Yay! Okay, so it was a few years ago, and I was having a picnic. It was before I moved here and met all of you so I was alone. I did have stuffed animals with me, but that was it. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, butterflies were out, and the lunch my mom made was great-

Liberty- That’s too many details.

Layla- Right, sorry. Well, I thought it was gonna be sunshine all day, but it wasn’t. Raining started pouring down on top of me. I grabbed all my food, stuffies, and picnic cloth. I ran to a nearby barn, to stay dry. I felt like crying when I heard the thunder and saw a stuffed animal I had dropped. Then, something amazing happened. While I was curled up crying, I felt something touch me, and I looked up. My stuffed animal was soaking wet, but in the barn. I looked outside and saw a pure white horse running in the rain. On the top of its head, was a silvery horn! Just like in the stories! I told my parents once they found me, but they didn’t believe me.


Liberty- Wow! You saw a real unicorn?

Layla- Yup!

Julian- Okay, my turn.

Layla- Aren’t you gonna ask any questions about it.


Layla- *Sigh* Fine. 

Julian- Yes! My turn! Okay, so it all happened when I was-”

Voice- Blake! Would y’all like to come with me to the store?

Blake- No thanks mom! We’re gonna hang out here!

Voice- Okay then, you five behave!

*Door slam*


Julian- Okay, now. It all happened when I chose to run away one night.

Layla- Why would you run away!?

Julian- To see what it was like.

Liberty- OKAY! Julian and Layla we’ve had enough interruptions. Tell the story.

Julian- Ooohh. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.


*deathly silent*

Julian- *Clears throat* Anyway, I chose to run away one night. I was only planning on a two day trip so I just brought a small backpack-

Tyler- You make it sound like a vacation.

Julian- And a tent. It was about eight at night, and I left the note to tell my parents I was running away.

Blake- How old were you?

Julian- Seven. Why?

Blake- Just wondering if your parents could tell what you’d written, or if your handwriting was still like your handwriting now, horrendous.

*Scattered laughter*

Julian- Good one, Blake, but it will take more than that to get to me, and who says horrendous? Anyway I ran off to Logan’s Woods. I moved here a year before so I knew the area pretty well. I set up my tent and everything. I didn’t know how to make a fire so-

Blake- Like you will even know how to make a fire in this lifetime.

Julian- … So I brought a flashlight with me. I wasn’t scared at all… not at all.


Liberty- Julian?

Julian- Sorry, anyway I finally got to sleep, but something woke me up. It was like muffed talking-

Blake- Muffled.

Julian- Yeah that. I slowly scooted to the door of my tent, and unzipped it. I saw a fire lit, and around it three tall people. They were dressed pretty roughly, it looked like grass and leaves and stuff, but I went ahead and said “Hey”. They looked at me, and their faces looked like perfect, almost too perfect, like weirdly perfect. I think they were elves cause their ears were really pointy and stuff. Anyway when I talked the fire and them vanished!

Blake- When you spoke they and the fire vanished!

Julian- Whatever. Anyway my parents came out there and found me later that night.

Tyler- Logan’s Woods, huh.

Liberty- Whatcha thinking, Tyler?

*More chip munching*

Liberty- Tyler there are only five of us, just talk. 

Tyler- Well, two creatures have been found there, and Layla’s old house, while pretty far away, was still only a few miles from Logan’s Woods, cause those woods are pretty big.

Liberty- You’re right! Our first search should be in the woods.

Blake- Yeah, that would make sense. When should we start out?

Liberty- Tonight!


Blake- I know you really want to go on an adventure, but let’s prepare first. Who knows what we’ll run into.

Liberty- Yeah… I guess you’re right. Okay, the next meeting will be reviewing what we should bring. All in favor, say I.


Julian- When did we start doing I’s?


End of log one.

Poem Entry #27

Poem Entry #27

Goodbye My Love

I know you said you’d be my soul,

And that I’d be yours my darling,

Sorry it came and me it stole,

And flew away as a starling,

I know you cared, and I for you,

I am guilty for leaving fast,

I never said to you adieu,

While in my sleep I slowly passed,

Sweet thing please move on with your love,

Find someone else to fill your heart,

Just know I’ll be watching above,

Calm my dear before the tears start,

Goodbye my love, I now depart.