Poem Entry #12

Poem Entry #12

A Fairy in the Wood

Sneaking through the wood,

Searching for a glimpse,

See past the dogwood,

Something moves and creeps.

Is it a fairy?

Is it beautiful?

Is it quite scary?

Is it a dragon?

Please come out for me,

Perfect small fairy,

Please just let me see,

Please imagination, please.

2 thoughts on “Poem Entry #12

  1. !!!
    I would not have noticed this if I hadn’t recently read “Camera”, to be completely honest, but this could essentially be three separate stanzas, with each stanza sharing the first letter of each line! šŸ˜€ That is a terrible way to explain my observation, but I think you understand what I mean xD

    Also, if you treat the poem as an acrostic poem, you get SSSSIIIIPPPP, which could essentially be someone very strongly emphasizing the word “SIP” xD I couldn’t resist lol


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