Wonderful Small Joys

Wonderful Small Joys

Thank you Magical-Normal life for nominating me. She is a wonderful writer and artist so check out her blog at magicalnormal.com

And here are (dun dun duun) The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  • List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  • Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!)Have fun with it!

So my small(ish) joys are not very small(ish) because I know I have so much to be thankful for.

  1. Jesus. I love Him more than life itself.
  2. My big, weird family. They are the greatest.
  3. Music!!! My passion.
  4. Books. Please read The Scarlet Pimpernel! It is the GREATEST BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE NEXT TO THE BIBLE!
  5. Art in general is a joy. And that includes every art: writing, painting, drawing, instruments, crafts, handcrafting, etc, ect.
  6. Fuzzy pillows, blankets, seats, animals, FUZZY!!!
  7. Sunflowers. Funny, happy, and bright.
  8. Sisters. The best friends you can ever have.
  9. Puppies! Dogs! Love them!
  11. Stars. Even the darkness can be bright.
  12. Colors. Most people take it for granted, but I savore every beautiful and plain color I see.
  13. My ukulele and guitar. This probably is part of music but I am so thankful for my little instrument that I can take everywhere and my big instrument that I can jam on.
  14. Twizzlers. A lovely, delightful, delicious, scumdidilyunchous(as Roald Dahl would write) candy!
  15. Sunlight. Warm and bright. What more could I ask for?

These are mine. And I nominate-

Little Monkey RPC Student of btanblog.wordpress.com

My Creations of mylibertyrights.wordpress.com

All Things of https://freedomoftheplains.wordpress.com

Hope you all find wonderful joys!

W. Y. R. Wednesday

W. Y. R. Wednesday

Hello everybody! Welcome to W. Y. R. Wednesday, episode two. This is the show where every wednesday I ask a challenging would you rather question and people answer in the comments. Now let’s get to the question

Today’s question on W. Y. R. Wednesday:

  • Would you rather live in a sketchbook where anything you can draw will come to life on the page with you; so you’d be surrounded by plank page and anything you draw will take better form and come to life or be real.

  • Or would you rather be able to talk to all animals and inanimate objects; so you could have a full conversation with you dog, but also you could have an intelligent talk with your bedroom door. Anything from pandas, raccoons, and fish to stairs, apples, and clothing.

I know these questions are not super similar but I would have a hard time choosing. Type your answer in the comment section. That’s all… people. Have a great day!

W.Y.R. Wednesday

W.Y.R. Wednesday

Welcome to Would You Rather Wednesday, episode one, everybody. Hopefully more episode will follow this. So, every Wednesday I will post an interesting, but hard, Would You Rather question, consisting of two or more answers. I will ask the W.Y.R. question and explain the question further so everybody understands. Please place your answer in the comments.

Tonight on Would You Rather Wednesday the question is:

  • Would you rather be surround by your loved ones and never lose them but you could feel no emotions; so you be with people who love and are sad and are happy with you, but you could never love or be sad or be happy with them.
  • Or would you rather have every thing you could every want but you’d be the last human on earth; you could have any device, art supply, animal, food, anything you want but you’d be alone?

Which would you choose? Please answer in comments. And that is todays Would You Rather Wednesday! Thanks everybody!

2020 Blogger Award

2020 Blogger Award

Thank you thank you thank you https://littlemonkeyposts.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/220-blogger-award/ for nominating me!

Here is the link for the original award post, by Colton: https://coltonbeckwithrpc.wordpress.com/2020/05/08/the-original-outstanding-blogger-award/

The Rules:

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  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
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1. What’s your favorite desert? Hmmm, probably ice cream sunday.

2. Would you rather lose your sight or your sense of feel? So mean… I would rather loose my sense of feel I guess.

3. What do you do to pass time? Listen to music, play music, make music.

4. What book has an uninteresting title but has more a more intriguing story? Animal Farm.

5. What movie could you watch everyday? Big Fish or A Knights Tale.

6. What uncommon animal would you keep as a pet? PANDA PANDA PANDA!

7. Would you rather live in a house completely made of glass or completely made of metal? Glass.

My Nominees:



My Questions:

1. Would you rather have lots puppies or kittens?

2. Which word do you like better, whimsical or effervescent?

3. What snack do you like best?

4. Do you like cooking or baking better?

5. Are you a music maker or listener?

6. Soft and squishy or hard and firm?

7. Between an architect and a surgeon which would you rather be?

Why Sunflowers?

Why Sunflowers?

Why are sunflowers my favorite? The thing is, if I could be a flower, I’d choose a sunflower. Even though they look a little funny, they’re beautiful. The vibrant yellows circling a deep brown, almost black center. They are unique, and yes a little funny, but there is something about not only looking beautiful and happy, but funny at the same moment that entrances me. At a single glance, you see an oversized bud on a stalk. But, if you look closer, you can clearly see all the different shades of yellow and hints of orange, each individual seed in the heart of the flower, and the beauty it all makes together. How could something like a sunflower happen on accident? The thing is, it’s didn’t, because God created sunflowers just like everything else. He created each shade of yellow. He created each seed, each of the hundreds of petals surrounding the seeds. God created everything, including sunflowers. If God would take the time to make sunflowers so beautiful, then realize that you are beautiful to.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14

I just want you to know, that you are wonderful. God created sunflowers to be beautiful, and He most definitely made you a hundred times more beautiful than a sunflower.

Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days

Now this is just a random thing I wanted to write about, cause it makes me so happy when it happens.

Have you ever had those homeschooling days, where everybody finishes up their school for the day in the morning? And everybody is excited to have a free day ahead of them, but it gets better. Your dad gets to come home from work early! Everybody pilfers around for lunch, and then everybody goes down for Quiet Time. A time in the day where everybody is quiet, reading, sleeping, praying, writing, or thinking for a whole hour. Oh it’s a beautiful time of the day, you can a lot of reading done in that one hour. And two more things happen that make the day even better than it already is! You get to write, with your friend, during Quiet Time. And you talk and have fun, (don’t we Little Monkey RPC Student!) And then… Ohh, your dad and one of your big bros go into the kitchen to make two pies for their family. One chocolate meringue, and one hot apple pie. Once the timer for Quiet Time goes off, the pies come out of the oven to cool. The chocolate meringue pie looks sparkley and lightly toasted on top. The apple smells like nutmeg and apple cider. But they have to cool. And how on earth do you get past that torture? The answer is simple, you, and your two older bros, get your older sister to play I-Doubt-It with us, which is amazing cause she doesn’t play games with you very much. But occanionly she does, and you all have so much fun. You win the first round, then the four of you play again and one of your bros win. While you are playing that, your dad is playing Sequence with your three younger siblings, and they are having a blast. Once the games finish, it’s time for pie. Your oldest brother comes in from work just as everybody has thier pie pieces. The chocolate meringue pie is amazing, and it melts in your mouth, creating a fudgy, creamy mess. Then, it’s time for Monopoly. You, your younger brother, and the same two older bros, play with you. But first, your grab a piece of apple pie to eat while you are playing. And it too, is amazing! The game goes pretty smoothly, one brother has bad luck at the beginning, and you and your other siblings are doing good. Everybody finally get around the board once, then it’s spending time. A some fights break out, but that always happens. In the end, you pretend to die and leave your properties to your older brothers, your other older bro went bankrupt. And your younger brother, has Park-Place, Board-Walk, and hotels on so many properties. After you leave your stuff to your other brother, your youngest bro wins. Then you go and read, you read for a long time. You ride your yellow bike, then come back in to read. Time moves slowly, and you wish it would still move slow. You get a shower, brush your teeth, then you, and your siblings, clean up the kitchen. Then lastly, everybody, your whole family sits in the living room, going on with your weird conversations that happen every night. Your dad starts praying, then your mom and dad pray over each of you individually. Then you lay down in bed, watch an episode of your tv show. Then you realize, this was a weekday, not the weekend, and tomorrow is school again. Your dad has to go back to work, along with your oldeset brother. But you smile, and say a prayer, close your eyes, and go to sleep. Just happy a day like this comes every once in a while.